Thursday, January 29, 2015

Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives: Through close readings and critical analysis of the 3 books, the students will explore the wonderful world of "The Hunger Games," discussing various themes using multiple disciplines (literature, political science, philosophy, religious studies, sociology, film studies, music, psychology, and more). They will improve their reading, writing and speaking skills and at the same time develop the analytical skills needed for a better understanding and an in-depth interpretation of the myriad of topics touched upon by the trilogy. We will use the content of the books to discuss relevant issues in our society today (war, poverty, starvation, freedom, democracy, oppressions, rebellion, environmental problems, and more). The students will also improve their writing skills by creating their own blogs and composing weekly blog entries to specific prompts on various topics and from various perspectives.

The Learning Objectives will be met through close readings of the 3 books and various secondary sources, through daily discussions and guest lectures, writing weekly Blog entries, a symposium style oral presentation at the end of semester, midterm and final exams, and one long research paper.

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