Monday, April 13, 2015

Oral Presentation-Symposium: April 21-May 7

Each student will give an oral presentation in the last three weeks of the semester in a symposium (colloquium) style format. Your presentation will be based on your term paper and must include a short PowerPoint or a Prezi presentation. You must also provide a short handout including a bibliography of all of your primary and secondary sources to all who are present so that they can follow what you are talking about. Please, don’t just make a copy of your PowerPoint. It must be a 1-2 page handout with your thesis, main talking points and conclusion. Your presentation should be 10-15 minutes long with a 5-10 minutes discussion.
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Blog Entry 10: Due on Sunday, May 3

This is your final blog. In this blog, please reread all blogs you have written and reflect about what you have done and learned in the semester. How did you like the material covered? Was it challenging for you? Did you spend enough time reading the required material? Etc.  Blog is due by Sunday, May 3, 9 p.m.

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Blog Entry 9: Due on Sunday, April 12

Write a reflection either on “Apocalypticism” or on “The Nature of Evil.” Do you believe in the End of the World? Why? Why not? Which scenario is according to you most likely to happen? Discuss that topic and make sure to include the lecture by Dr. Krebs and the readings in your reflection. Write a reflection on the nature of Evil in our times and in The Hunger Games. Make sure to include the lecture by Dr. Baron and the readings in your reflection.  Blog is due by Sunday, April 12, 9 p.m.
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